Being capable of operating both on flat and challenging sloped surfaces, the HERBHY remote-controlled tool-carrying vehicles are particularly suitable to be deployed in hilly or mountainous areas, river banks, ditches and road ramps, as well as areas adjacent to railway lines, military fields and shooting ranges, industrial and energy fields, state-owned lands and forests, Alpine woods, under conditions of fire, in airports, in areas subject to land reclamation, provincial and municipal properties, sports facilities, cultivated lands, terraces, fruit orchards, vineyards, olive and citrus groves, etc.

Once fitted with a bush cutter, these vehicles are ideal for mowing and removing branches in areas that are not accessible to standard articulated arm machines, or on slopes that expose vehicle and operator to the risk of overturning, as well as areas that are accessed with great difficulty.

Deployed with haymaking equipment, these vehicles are particularly suitable for sloped hay fields, where the operator can remote-control the unit from a safe location.
Con trinciatrice forestale, fresaceppi, biotrituratore, verricello ben si prestano nei lavori di manutenzione e valorizzazione delle zone montane.

Paired with a forest chopper, branch cutter, shredder and winch, our vehicles are suited to perform maintenance and enhancement work in mountainous areas.

No matter how long, the list of possibility of use of HERBHY products can never be exhaustive. Hymach’s goal is to design equipment on the field, in order to study the best suited solution, thus increasing the efficiency of existing vehicles and manufacturing new products that can yield excellent results.